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Toshiba 57HX83 Cinema Series 57-Inch Wide Screen Monitor


57" Cinema Series® HDTV Monitor Projection TV with 3D Y/C (4MB, 10 Bit) Digital Comb Filter and Vertical Contour Correction provides more accurate processing of RF and composite video signals for a sharper, cleaner picture. This advanced Comb Filter significantly reduces detail noise, seen as shimmering or flicker, in complex or intricately detailed scenes.

CrystalScan HDSC™ upconverts all video signals (including 480i/p) to 1080i HD. This results in a significant reduction in jagged-line artifacts which produces a smoother, more natural image. Selectable 540p, for users who want to display a progressive scan image from a progressive scan source, is available via the on-screen menu

TheaterNet™ Icon IR Control System takes TheaterLink™ IR pass-through capability to new levels through the use of on-screen icons and virtual control bars to operate source devices such as a set-top box, VCR or DVD player. This function can be done via an included IR blaster. IR codes are preprogrammed in the TV for most devices.

TruView™ combines the following picture enhancement technologies: Black Level Expansion, Fine White, Flesh Tone Correction and Color Detail Enhancer, this system automatically reproduces more accurate picture detail and true color.

CableClear™ DNR+ Digital Noise Reduction circuitry optimizes poor NTSC signals from antenna or cable, this new video noise reduction system eliminates video noise (snow) for a clean crisp image.


HD Dynamic Contrast - This feature continually analyzes picture information and enhances those parts of the picture with the most detail information which results in a sharper, deeper, more film-like image.

Cinema Mode (3:2 Pulldown Switch) - This circuitry identifies original film based content from DVDs, it then reassembles the frame sequence to more accurately reproduce the original 24 frame film-based material. This process eliminates artifacts and results in sharp, accurate full-frame progressive images.

Adjustable DFine™ High-Speed Velocity Scan Modulation - improves contrast and overall picture sharpness by changing the speed of the electron beam as it transitions between bright and dark areas of the picture and features high, low, and off settings.

TheaterFine™ HD Super Fine Pitch Screen - this .52mm design is over 27% finer than conventional screens. It reduces the physical space between the lines on the lenticular screen, resulting in a finer , sharper, more detailed picture


SRS® WOW with Separate Woofers and Tweeters- Combines SRS® 3D (creates a wide 3 dimensional sound field), TruBass (boosts bass frequency perception for more dramatic low frequency effects), and Focus (raises the sound image vertically to create clearer voices) which enhances the Home Theater experience.

StableSound® maintains television volume within a preset range regardless of the source signal.


TheaterShield™ AR - built in high contrast shield features a scratch resistant coating as well as a anti-reflective layer that reduces reflectivity by over 50 percent, thereby reducing glare.

Direct Video Input Selection - Inputs can now be directly selected from the remote's numbered keypad without scrolling through all the inputs.

QuickConnect™ Guide acts as a set-up wizard helping the consumer in connecting the antenna or cable box and with performing initial channel scan and other basic set-up functions.

TouchFocus™ - This automatic digital convergence system creates perfect cornerto- corner focus at the press of a button. Manual override adjustments are also available.

Split Cabinet Design - Allows the cabinet to be split in two for ease of delivery and installation.

Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years Picture Tube, 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty



Main Features
HDTV: HDTV Ready with Optional HD Receiver
HDTV Display Capability: 480i, 480p, 1080i, 540p

Projection Type: CRT Rear Projector
Screen Size: 57 Inch

Wide Screen (16x9) Format.

General Features
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Closed Caption.

MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx.

SRS Wow.

Viewing Angle: 160 Degree

3:2 Pulldown: Cinema Mode 3:2 Pulldown Conversion
Audio Output (in Watts): 40 Watts

Color Temperature Control.
Comb Filter: 3D Y/C Digital

Convergence: Touch Focus
CRT's: PowerFocus HD4

Favorite Channel.
On Screen Display.

POP(Picture-Outside-Picture): Dual Tuner
Remote Control: Universal, Illuminated

Sleep Timer.
Sub Bass System.

Timer: Game, On
V Chip Parental Control.

Wide Band Video Amplifier.

Inputs / Outputs
Audio Output: Variable, Fixed
DVI-HDTV: Rear Input (1)

RF: Input (2)
Video: Output (1)

Analog Audio: Variable, Fixed
Analog Audio / Video: Front Input (1) , Rear Input (2) , Rear Output (1)

Center Channel Input.
Component Video: Rear Input (2)

S-Video: Rear Input (2) , Front Input (1)

Anti Glare.
Screen Protector.

Split Cabinet Design.





  • 57 Cinema Series® HD Monitor Projection TV with Split Cabinet Design
  • PowerFocus™ HD4 CRTs
  • PowerFocus™ HC Lens System
  • Red and Green Color Lens Filters
  • First Surface Mirror
  • TheaterFine™ HD Super Fine Pitch Screen
  • Built-in High Contrast Anti-Reflective TheaterShield™
  • TouchFocus™
  • Manual 9 Point Convergence
  • Wide 160 Degree Viewing Angle
  • 3D Y/C (4 MB, 10 Bit) Digital Comb Filter with Vertical Contour Correction
  • Color Temperature Control (Warm/Medium/Cool)
  • TruView™
  • Movie and Sports Modes
  • Dynamic Quadruple Focus
  • Adjustable DFine™ High Speed VSM
  • Auto Aspect Detection
  • CableClear™ DNR+ Digital Noise Reduction
  • CrystalScan HDSC™
  • TheaterWide® Modes
  • Cinema Mode (3:2 Pulldown Switch)
  • Wide Band Video Amplifier
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • HD Dynamic Contrast


  • MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx®
  • SRS®WOW with Separate Woofers and Tweeters
  • Sub Bass System
  • StableSound®
  • 40 W Audio (Total)


  • Illuminated A/V Universal (6 item) Remote Control
  • TheaterNet™ ICON IR Control System
  • HD Window™ Dual Tuner POP
  • Tri-Lingual Icon On-Screen Display
  • Closed Captioning on Mute
  • V-Chip
  • One Button Sleep Timer
  • Channel Return, Power Return
  • Noise Muting
  • Favorite Channel
  • Channel Lock, Channel Labeling
  • Video Labeling, Video Lock
  • Direct Video Input Selection
  • Speed Tuning
  • Game Timer™
  • On Timer
  • Individual A/V Settings by Input Type
  • PIP Sound
  • Speed Surf
  • 2-Level Mute
  • Front Panel Lock-Out
  • QuickConnect™ Guide
  • SurfLock™
  • Front Panel A/V/S Input
  • Dual ColorStream® HD Component Video Inputs
  • DVI-HDTV Input
  • TheaterLink™ IR
  • Rear A/V/S Inputs (2)
  • A/V Output
  • Fixed and Variable Audio Output
  • Center Channel Audio Input
  • Unit: 52 3/4 x 55 3/4 x 24 (W,H,D); 204 Lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts/Labor, 2 Years Picture Tube
  • UPC Code: 022265261842

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